[zeromq-dev] EAGAIN with zmq_disconnect on inproc socket

Martin Hurton hurtonm at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 21:52:23 CET 2012

> But I cannot figure out, which pipe to terminate as I am having difficulties finding out, which one is connected to the peer endpoint. Also, I am not sure how to terminate a pipe - is it actually sufficient to call terminate on the pipe? If you help me to complete this one, I'll submit it as a patch.

To terminate a pipe, you can use terminate method. The method takes a
flag which indicates whether you are to allow the pipe to process
queued messages. This is used to allow the pipe to process queued
messages, depending on the linger setting.

As for endpoint tracking, I would suggest to keep separate container
for inproc connections.

Would be great to have this covered by a test too.

- Martin

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