[zeromq-dev] Using libsdp and zeromq

Michael Rissi michael.rissi at dectris.com
Mon Aug 27 15:28:28 CEST 2012

Hello zeromq devs!

I tried to use zeromq with preloaded libsdp over infiniband. This
unfortunately fails. The reason for it is the
SOCK_CLOEXEC flag set in ip.cpp. Libsdp checks the socket type to be
exactly SOCK_STREAM. If
it is not the case (as in zeromq, where the socket type is type =
it will fall back to use TCP/IP. This can be found in line 681 of port.c in
the libsdp library (download under
http://www.openfabrics.org/downloads/libsdp/ )

Being clever in zeromq and unsetting HAVE_SOCK_CLOEXEC will not help, as
the zeromq server will
crash sooner or later when exiting a client.

Does anyone know if there is a solution to this problem?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Best regards,
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