[zeromq-dev] Does ZeroMQ have any loopback benchmark?

Chuck Remes lists at chuckremes.com
Sat Aug 25 20:50:28 CEST 2012

On Aug 25, 2012, at 10:44 AM, Julie Anderson wrote:

> Thanks, Ian. But I am more interested in the results that ZeroMQ has accomplished. Has anyone from ZeroMQ run any test on loopback that can share some results?

I can show you a bunch of performance results on a machine that is now 5 years old. Is that really relevant for you? I don't think so.

The best way to determine performance is for you to run the included benchmarks on the same hardware where you ran the benchmarks for your current code base. Make it an apples-to-apples comparison.

Let us know how it looks.

BTW, those perf results you linked to are for 0mq version 0.3.1. That code is so ancient that you cannot draw any conclusions from it. Run version 3.2 (please skip the 2.x series for any new projects).


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