[zeromq-dev] Talk about ZeroMQ

Justin Cook jhcook at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 14:59:59 CEST 2012

On Thursday, 23 August 2012 at 20:22, Andrea Crotti wrote:
> Thanks the link is nice..
> For the threading it would be nice to see a small example of something 
> that looks good,
> but will fail miserably under some specific conditions, and then take 
> the same thing
> and rewrite it using processes and ZeroMQ to communicate..

The whole idea behind ZMQ is doing sockets the way the project would like to think sockets "should" have been done. Why reinvent the wheel when there are messaging patterns that are used over and over, and if correctly abstracted, can be mixed and matched to offer considerable solutions.

Instead of getting down to threading or any more advanced topics versus 101, you should take an example of "reinventing the wheel" and show how easy it is to do this with the ZMQ library and Python. Remember, you only have 30 minutes. Start off by showing classic patterns that ZMQ supports, what it would take to write it yourself, what bugs everyone else who has done so has not considered, and then the nifty ZMQ solution that takes minutes.
> Another thing which would extra nice for a presentation is a way to 
> graph in real-time what's happening
> between the various sockets (messages sent and received).

Again, walk before you run. You have 30 minutes. If you want to use this in an over all example, sure. But, you would have to take a complete example and use each portion throughout the entire 30 minutes and finish by saying, "in 30 minutes you have created a scalable reporting system that efficiently collects data from 1000s of hosts. Thank you."

*round of applause*
> I think technically with a layer around zmq that intercepts all the 
> socket creation/send/receive
> it might work, maybe using graphviz or networkx or some other graphical 
> library..
> Is there anything like that already?



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