[zeromq-dev] Relation between - HI_WATER_MARK and SEND_BUFFER_SIZE of zmq ?

Santosh N Dumbre santosh.dumbre at igate.com
Sat Aug 18 12:55:59 CEST 2012

H i,

I want to develop an client application that will send messages to the server and receive acknowledgments from the server.

The client keep getting data form real-time devices and want to send the same to the server.

The problem is if the network is down, the client application should maintain a Queue of messages and send to server when the network is up and connection becomes active.

It is a single-client to single-server application.

Can this be achieved just by using HI WATER MARK = INFINITE    ?

Can the  HI_WATER_MARK option maintain a message queue which is bigger than size of SEND_BUFFER_SIZE ?

Is there any dependency between HI_WATER_MARK  and SEND_BUFFER_SIZE  of zmq ?

Kindly reply and help.

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