[zeromq-dev] Checking for errors on zmq_poll: is it correct?

Claudio Carbone erupter at libero.it
Thu Aug 16 22:51:02 CEST 2012

Well I used to do this and it was never 0.
My code was
Zerrno = zmq_poll(...);
If(zerrno != 0)

I was always getting some error, so I tried using zmq_errno() and the result
is the same.


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17.08.12, 0:37, Claudio Carbone wrote:
> So how exactly should I check for errors with polling?
You should check return value of zmq_poll, not errno. zmq_poll will return
-1 if any error has happened. It is valid to check errno only when -1 was
returned from zmq_poll.
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