[zeromq-dev] C#/.NET CZMQ Library

Viviano, Aaron Aaron.Viviano at quadTechWorld.com
Tue Aug 7 16:59:01 CEST 2012

Hi Dave,
You keep mentioning CZMQ, which is the C Binding for ZMQ, and not the C# wrapper dll, which is CLRZMQ. Perhaps that is why you are not finding the library in NuGet?

Also I am successfully compiling the CLRZMQ library without issue in Visual Studio 2010. Do you have a copy of Visual Studio 2010 to try and see if the code you have compiles in Visual Studio 2010? If not, can you post the error log that you are seeing from 2012?

Aaron Viviano

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I am using the NuGet packages you suggest but the CZMQ stuff doesn?t seem
to be there.

For example, the code at http://zguide.zeromq.org/cs:lruqueue2 won't
compile as the ZMessage stuff isn't there.



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