[zeromq-dev] HA: HA: HA: НА: s390x build failure

Sergey Hripchenko shripchenko at intermedia.net
Wed Apr 25 20:45:34 CEST 2012

True(I guess it could...).
But why should I either have to do that?
(assuming that TERM command is already sent in zmq_unbind(), and all future commands/events handling performed in ZMQ IO thread... Since all objects below socket_base_t live in ZMQ thread space).
Thats why I call it 'issue' ^)

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Hi Sergey,

On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 7:35 PM, Sergey Hripchenko
<shripchenko at intermedia.net> wrote:
> I was hoping that you have more exotic OS ^)
> About issue: zmq_sleep (1) should be _enough_ for everything.
> However, for example I found that:
> PUSH->connect()
> PUSH->recv() > 0
> PUSH->disconnect()
> // and this will leave PUSH -> session_base_t -> tcp_connecter_t forever
> until you call some io functions like PUSH->recv(ZMQ_DONTWAIT)=-1
> // the TERM command simply _NOT_ propagaded from
> session_base_t::process_term_req()(called in application thread) to
> tcp_connecter_t::process_term()(called in ZMQ IO thread)
> Not sure if anyone interested in this issue...

I think you should try replace sleep() to zmq_poll on that socket,
this may fix the problem.

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