[zeromq-dev] s390x build failure

Neale Ferguson neale at sinenomine.net
Wed Apr 25 19:21:08 CEST 2012

When zmq_unbind() completes, can’t an indicator be set in the structure representing the structure such that subsequent I/O causing APIs will check this and not go further down the stack to try and complete the call? Similarly, couldn’t zmq_disconnect() do the same? Also, for unbind() should this just stop the listening of new connections but leave existing connections intact? Judging by the way’s it’s being used I assume the answer is no.

On 4/25/12 12:35 PM, "Sergey Hripchenko" <shripchenko at intermedia.net> wrote:

I was hoping that you have more exotic OS ^)

About issue: zmq_sleep (1) should be _enough_ for everything.
However, for example I found that:
PUSH->recv() > 0
// and this will leave PUSH -> session_base_t -> tcp_connecter_t forever until you call some io functions like PUSH->recv(ZMQ_DONTWAIT)=-1
// the TERM command simply _NOT_ propagaded from session_base_t::process_term_req()(called in application thread) to tcp_connecter_t::process_term()(called in ZMQ IO thread)

Not sure if anyone interested in this issue...
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