[zeromq-dev] Dealer not reestablishing connection in ZeroMQ

OJ Reeves oj at buffered.io
Sat Apr 21 23:21:31 CEST 2012

Hi all,

A friend of mine posted a question to Stack Overflow (post
and hasn't had any responses. I thought I'd repost here to the list on his
behalf to see if you guys could help. The content of the post is:


I have a number of applications using ZeroMq and their respective wrappers

I am using a dealer/router pattern and have the following issue.

Device A (.net) is the Router, Device B & C (QT) are Dealers. When device B
or C does not gracefully close the TCP connection, any subsequent attempts
to make a ZeroMQ connection fail.
What is the best practice for releasing ZeroMq connections? Is this
internal to the API?

If you feel compelled to respond directly on SO that'd be greatly
appreciated, but I am more than happy to proxy the answer from the mailing

Thank you for your help.


OJ Reeves
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