[zeromq-dev] Assert questions

Pasi Mankinen mailing.list at manageapp.com
Tue Apr 17 14:58:45 CEST 2012

Hello. Couple of assert questions.

* In zmq source I see some calls to assert instead of zmq_assert. Is it ok?

* Is it possible to change zmq_assert so that it does not abort but returns some error number to calling method? 

I can not allow somebody sending a corrupted chat message to shut down 100 user ERP system database server. But I can easily close broken zmq connection and open it again. 

Nobody can guarantee that all the zmq asserts are correct one. Mikko fixed one ETIMEDOUT a week ago.

My clients use wlan in heavy industry. Wlan can not always handle when big machines start and cause big currents and magnetic fields. There will always be some network errors and corrupted packets.


Pasi Mankinen

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