[zeromq-dev] Building pyzmq for 32 bit python 2.6 on OSX

Matthew Brett matthew.brett at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 06:55:32 CEST 2012


This is only to report a success doing a full local build for:

python.org Python 2.6 32 bit
OSX 10.6

git clone git://github.com/zeromq/zeromq2-x.git
cd zeromq2-x
git co v2.1.7
./configure CC=gcc-4.0 CFLAGS="-arch i386" CXX=g++-4.0 CPPFLAGS="-arch
i386" CPP=/usr/bin/cpp-4.0 --prefix=/Users/mb312/usr/local
make install
cd ..
git clone https://github.com/zeromq/pyzmq.git
cd pyzmq
# Hash 85ec457091509 ; v2.1.7.1 fails to detect zmq correctly
python setup.py install --prefix=~/usr/local

I had some problems with old builds in site-packages, giving:

----> 1 import zmq
/Users/mb312/tmp/message.pxd in init zmq.core.poll (zmq/core/poll.c:2969)()

ValueError: zmq.core.message.Message has the wrong size, try recompiling

This was because I had neglected to specifically delete
site-packages/zmq before installing pyzmq.



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