[zeromq-dev] Performance Tuning / Expectations on Windows

Jeff Vienneau jpvienneau at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 17:14:26 CEST 2012

I will try that, however, I don't have the option of changing my 0mq
message sizes. Doesn't ZMQ use 8k transfer segments regardless of message

On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 10:07 AM, Steven McCoy <steven.mccoy at miru.hk> wrote:

> On 10 April 2012 11:46, Jeff Vienneau <jpvienneau at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Our setup is two Windows XP SP3 systems with just an ethernet
>> cable between them (cat 5e, Intel gigabit NICs). Between the two systems, I
>> am able to achieve ~70MB/s (using TCP with pcattcp).
> Play around with netperf and iperf and similar message sizes and report
> the figures.  Note that testing tools, especially Microsoft's tttcp tool
> are for networking testing not actual expected performance of real world
> applications.  Windows performs best when you load up a few large messages
> not rapidly firing many small packets, but you are also fighting against
> the smaller schedular quantum of the desktop OS compared with the server
> editions.
> Note that the TCP stack has been rewritten twice since XP was first
> released for both 2008 and 2008 R2 so you indeed might be able to find
> suitable registry settings to aid performance levels.
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> Steve-o
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