[zeromq-dev] Performance Tuning / Expectations on Windows

Jeff Vienneau jpvienneau at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 21:30:54 CEST 2012


I am hoping for some performance tuning tips w.r.t. Windows.

Our setup is two Windows XP SP3 systems with just an ethernet cable between
them (cat 5e, Intel gigabit NICs). Between the two systems, I am able to
achieve ~70MB/s (using TCP with pcattcp).

I have two processes using 0MQ version 2.1.11; transport: tcp; mode:
PUSH/PULL (with one pushing 3kB messages to the other). Using localhost the
apps can send 22k messages /s (~3k byte messages)

When I stream from one system to the other, I am only able to get ~9k
messages /s (27MB/s)  which is only ~40% of what we can achieve with a
simple TCP connection.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

PS, to same people some time in the future: I had to set registry entry on
interface to get connection to work at all reasonable: TcpAckFrequency = 1.
(Not sure what exactly was happening though)
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