[zeromq-dev] Feature requests/thoughts for TCP transport

Sergey Hripchenko shripchenko at intermedia.net
Tue Apr 3 12:55:42 CEST 2012

The guides you provided suggests me to fork against zeromq/libzmq.
But the code in ' libzmq' somewhat changed from 'zeromq2-1' which I currently use.
How these changes will be backported to 2.1 code? (of course if they fully backward compatible)
Or I should provide patches against zmq2.1?

I'm just talking about new setsockopt(ZMQ_*) mentioned earlier

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Hi Sergey,

Our contribution policy is here:
http://www.zeromq.org/docs:contributing. More broadly we're aiming at http://rfc.zeromq.org/spec:16.

You'll have more success presenting changes as answers to specific problems, rather than "features".

And yes, we accept pull requests (whereas we don't record feature requests).


> 1.        zmq->socket(*)->setsockopt(ZMQ_TCP_KEEPALIVE) on both
> (server and
> client) ends for fault tolerant connections:

Difficult to do, would probably affect the protocol. But people would definitely like it.

> 2.        zmq->socket(*)->setsockopt(ZMQ_TCP_MAX_PEERS, int) before 3.
> zmq->socket(*)->setsockopt(ZMQ_TCP_MAX_PEERS_BY_IP, int) before 4.
> multiple zmq->socket(*)->setsockopt(ZMQ_TCP_ACCEPT_FROM, cidr)

All highly valuable.

> 5.        zmq->socket(*)->setsockopt(ZMQ_TCP_AUTH_TOKEN, string) on
> server and client sides for peer authentication…. This is though… it
> breaks protocol compatibility…

Difficult to do, and breaks the protocol. You would need to find ways of adding versioning to the protocol first.

> 6.        zmq->socket(*)->disconnect(tcp://connstring) as  the
> opposite to
> zmq->socket(*)->connect(tcp://connstring)

Valuable, relatively easy to do.

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