[zeromq-dev] how to get it to run faster?

Matias Guijarro matias.guijarro at esrf.fr
Mon Apr 2 15:59:44 CEST 2012

Hi Sean,

On 02/04/2012 9:34, Sean Ochoa wrote:
> Hey all.
> In my attempt at trying to create a message queue with
> a persistence layer, I may have slowed things down.
> Here's my code so far: http://paste.pound-python.org/show/18411/

Are you using the cPickle module ? I cannot see the "import" statement
in your code. cPickle is much faster than pickle (see Python doc.).

Also, don't forget to specify "protocol=-1" as keyword argument in
the "dumps" and "loads" functions, it will force the use of the
faster protocol.


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