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On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 23:08, Johnny Gozde <johnny at jgoz.net> wrote:

> Hi all,
> This question is mostly for Pieter, but it might apply to others.

> Does the new libzmq contribution policy also apply to the bindings? I'm
> only asking because Pieter merged a pull request on clrzmq before I had a
> chance to review it. Aside from some minor formatting and naming issues
> that needed cleaning up, the patch reverted an recent bug fix (presumably
> accidentally), which I caught and corrected.
> My preference would be to continue reviewing pull requests before merging
> them into clrzmq, even if it incurs a small delay. But if Official ZeroMQ
> projects are going to use the libzmq contribution policy, perhaps that
> should be documented explicitly on the "Contributing" wiki page or on the
> "Writing a binding" page. I would also need to revise my own process to
> account for pull requests that other people have merged, possibly without
> review.

I do not believe it is the intention that the policy apply to anything
beyond libzmq (though I'm sure each project would be welcome to point to
it, if they so choose).

I can only speak for pyzmq, but it doesn't apply there.  We don't have a
policy (not enough activity to merit one), but I will certainly continue to
review PRs.  I doubt most bindings have enough activity to justify a policy
as extensive as libzmq's, and for the same reason the cost of review is
simply not a problem that needs solving.


> Thanks,
> John
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