[zeromq-dev] OpenPGM 5.1.118 - maintenance release

Steven McCoy steven.mccoy at miru.hk
Tue Sep 27 20:39:10 CEST 2011

Bug fix release for interface enumeration with hostnames in network

*Please note:*

OSX Lion is not supported in this version, OpenPGM 5.2 is required due to
API changes.

*Changes in 5.1.118 (r1419):*

   - Update C89 patch.

   - Additional Windows Sockets 2 notes.

   - Document purpose for _WIN32_WINNT=0x0501 on Windows platforms.

   - Fix nullptr usage from getaddrinfo lookups for single result sets.

   - Backport fixes from 5.2 development branch:
      - r1372 - Link pthread for non-Ubuntu Scons.
      - r1379 - Fix member name in IP_MSFILTER_SIZE usage.
      - r1370 - Fix off-tree builds with Autoconf prefix

*Changes in 5.1.117 (r1366):

   - Default recv socket always non-blocking, i.e. PGM_NOBLOCK sets state of
   underlying send sockets only.
   - Build system changes for RPM packaging (Mikko Koppanen).
   - Remove gcc & make from RPM packaging as per



   - Avoid using IP_RECVDSTADDR on Windows XP despite undocumented
   definition in MSVC100.

*Changes in 5.1.116 (r1361):

   - Remove incorrect PGM_GNUC_INTERNAL decoration to send API that causes
   libtool to mark hidden.
   - Fix consistency of malloc wrapper usage to permit interchanging of the
   default allocator.


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