[zeromq-dev] using 4.0?

Dan Fairs dan.fairs at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 09:57:28 CEST 2011

> Well. I'm seeing a lot of confusion and even some anxiety and doubts 
> about the future of the project the way it is now. Using libzmq as my 
> private experimentation sandbox hurts the perception of the project as a 
> whole.
> Anyway, let us see what others think of the issue.
> Everyone, please, if you have any opinion, do express it now.

I'm a new user of 0MQ, and it has taken a while for me to understand how the versioning system works. It was confusing at first, with people on the list bandying around terms that weren't familiar from my (albeit limited) experience with the software. I'd support Pieter's earlier comment about clear labelling.

Personally, I'd like to see a 'Which version should I use?' heading on http://www.zeromq.org/intro:read-the-manual just under 'Core Documentation', which just led to a page outlining the main development streams. A simple table would do, it doesn't need reams of text.

This is a fantastic project, by the way - I'm using 0MQ with pyzmq and gevent-zeromq.

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