[zeromq-dev] distributed app administration

Sean Ochoa sean.m.ochoa at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 10:29:01 CEST 2011

Hey all.

Recently we've begun to rethink our concurrent middleware application which
uses publisher and subscriber child processes (via multiprocessing).  I
would like to separate the publisher from the subscriber so that they can
run on separate machines.  Since I'm using zeromq for message passing over a
trusted TCP connection, passing the messages will be no problem.  However,
my system administrators don't want to have to manually administrate this
application on multiple hosts.  I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions
on how to setup distributed app administration.

Here are some ideas that I had.

1)  Send work and signals through the same queue, and inspect & process the
message on the consumer side according to whether its work to do or an event
like Startup or Shutdown.  The drawback here is that it doesn't take care of
the publishers.

2)  Send signals through a separate administrative push / pull queue with a
single administrative end-point.  The drawback here is that the same machine
that started the service needs to be able to shutdown the service.

3)  XML RPC could be used via a totally separate administrative service
installed on all the hosts.  However, this doesn't handle the need to flush
each queue and shut down the publisher or subscriber properly.

Any thoughts?

 - Sean
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