[zeromq-dev] Knowing when a client is full

Andrew Davey as.davey at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 09:24:02 CEST 2011


we have a scenario where a number of clients need to receive client
specific updates from a central service across a wireless network.

So we have identified that the guide's 'asynchronous client-server'
topology most closely matches what we want to do. That is clients
connect to the server and the server sends multiple replies tailored
for each client. It's our understanding that a ZMQ_ROUTER socket would
be used to route replies from the server workers to the individual

Our concern is what happens when one of our Clients is unable to
receive their messages. We can't decide if the documentation is saying
that ZMQ_ROUTER sockets only drop when the HWM is reached for all
peers or if messages are dropped if just one peer/Client has reached
the HWM. Could someone clarify?

Secondly, is there a better way to achieve our goals? Ideally we would
like a Worker to be able to determine if a Client has reached a HWM
and then register a callback to be called once things are good again.
Failing callbacks, the ability to poll a Client that it's good would
be great.

Thanks in advance,

Andrew Davey

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