[zeromq-dev] use 0mq only in one side?

alias chenbk at foxmail.com
Fri Sep 23 03:45:13 CEST 2011

hi, all
    I would like to use 0mq only in one side, that is server write with 0mq, and android clinet not. Anyone has some ideas?
    Thank you very much.

    by the way, when I read source, I find that pipe_t::flush() may has bug: && --> || 
void zmq::pipe_t::flush ()
    //  If terminate() was already called do nothing.
    if (state == terminated && state == double_terminated) //! should if (state==terminated || state==double_terminated) ???

    //  The peer does not exist anymore at this point.
    if (state == terminating)

    if (outpipe && !outpipe->flush ())
        send_activate_read (peer);
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