[zeromq-dev] Anyone managed to use zeromq with Qt (QSocketNotifier) ?

Gaspard Bucher gaspard at teti.ch
Mon Sep 19 20:41:55 CEST 2011

Hi list !

I am trying to use zeromq with a Qt application and I want to avoid having
multiple threads
so I tried to use ZMQ_FD and pass this to QSocketNotifier but only the first
message is
signaled. My guess is that zmq does not keep the file descriptor in
read-ready state but
just signals the first element ?


1. get zmq fd
2. create QSocketNotifier with 'Read' events
3. app exec
4. first (or many) messages arrive
5. ---> QSocketNotifier fires
6. get 1 message
7. wait for QSocketNotifier to fire again
8. .... never happens

My guess is that there is something I do not understand regarding the ZMQ_FD
file descriptor.
Maybe it only retriggers "read-ready" if the queue has been emptied ?

Thanks for your help,

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