[zeromq-dev] 0mq conference idea, Feb 2012, Portland, Oregon?

Michel Pelletier pelletier.michel at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 23:03:57 CEST 2011

Howdy folks, as per last weeks discussion things are looking very good
for an all 0mq "unconference" on Feb 25th, 2012.  Here is the event


We need more speakers and attendees, so feel free to sign up for
either.  Due to the unconference nature of the event there will no
doubt be many opportunity for people to speak up with their ideas or
questions.  So even if you don't come with prepared material but you
want to speak, you will be given the chance.  There will be two main
event spaces, a larger one and a smaller one, allowing us to have two
concurrent speaking tracks, and there are also a small number of side
"paring rooms" for people to get together for small brainstorms and
chit chat.  No attendance fee, and there will be some light
refreshments.  Food is available for one of many nearby affordable
food carts of various styles and cultures.  There are over 100 carts
within walking distance of the event location, so food shouldn't be a
problem for anyone regardless of diet restrictions (there are some
great veggie and vegan options).

if you would like to go please mark yourself down on the event page as
going.  If you think you can go, mark yourself as "possible" and
change it when the event approaches.  The maximum capacity for the
space is somewhere around 60 people so you won't be counted if you are
marked as possible if we hit 60 definite attendees.  This formality is
to ensure we don't exceed any fire code limits.  I'd hate to turn
people away or piss off our office neighbors, so be sure to get
yourself marked down correctly by mid-January at the latest.

If there is enough interest we can also keep the space for Sunday to
do any kind of sprinting or code hacking that needs to be done.  Up
until the event, I will send some periodic reminders to the list or
IRC channel so that new people joining us can see the event is planned
so they can join us.



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