[zeromq-dev] Cross-compiling ZeroMQ to ARM for use in a MonoTouch iPhone app configure settings

Nick Talbot solutions at magichat.biz
Wed Nov 30 20:52:16 CET 2011

On 30 Nov 2011, at 07:53, Dimiter malkia Stanev wrote:

> Hi Nick,
> I had to add this to the configure script:
> CPP="cpp" CXXCPP="cpp"

Hi Dimiter,

so all I was missing from my ./configure was CPP="cpp" CXXCPP="cpp" ! That's absolutely brilliant, I've now run ./configure with those extra parameters, and build an Arm ZeroMq library, and successfully tested ZeroMq on a real iPhone, fantastic!	

Thanks again, I would never have figured out those extra parameters myself, I spent an entire afternoon already trying to figure them out.

As to the idea of a wiki, sounds great. I'm not surprised you're getting more and more questions like this, ZeroMQ is a perfect fit for peer-to-peer networking of mobile devices.

Best Regards,
Nick Talbot

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