[zeromq-dev] 0MQ + standard RPC

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Mon Nov 28 12:29:03 CET 2011

Hi Matthew,

> We will heavily leverage the 0MQ PUB/SUB functionality in most of the
> communication layer that we are building.  The RPC portion is just
> one piece of what we are doing -- in general it is simply going to be
> the control channel.
> If 0MQ is not a good fit for this piece, it is not a big deal, but I
> had hoped that some of what you have built into 0MQ (such as durable
> sockets) could help simplify some of the application layer.

Ok. I see.

Basically, RPC is the REQ/REP pattern.

What you are missing for full-blown RPC solution is:

1. Serialisation -- this is delberately decoupled from 0MQ. As a 
consequence you can use any serialisation library you like.

2. Resending of the request is case the server dies. This should be and 
will be done inside of 0MQ, but is not done yet. However, it can be 
easily emulated on top of it.

Anything I've missed?

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