[zeromq-dev] Resource Temporarily Unavailable [libzmq 3.1.x latest, all sockets]

Chuck Remes cremes.devlist at mac.com
Mon Nov 28 04:49:44 CET 2011

On Nov 27, 2011, at 7:38 PM, Amr Ali wrote:

> I've attached a test case where it create two PAIR sockets and attempts to send
> a message from socket to another over INPROC, however it never gets past that..
> I always get "Resource temporarily unavailable" with rc == 8 and zmq_errno() == 11.
> Here's what I've tried to mitigate that issue thinking that it might be the case
> where the I/O threads don't have enough time to connect and send the message
> (which if it was the case, which is not, should be handled internally).
> * I've added sleep(1) before zmq_sendmsg(). [no effect]
> * Added sleep(1) between bind() and connect(). [no effect]
> * Done both above. [no effect]
> * Applied the above for TCP. [no effect]
> * Applied all of the above for most socket types (e.g. REQ/REP, PUB/SUB,
> PUSH/PULL). [no effect]
> Notes:
> This is done against HEAD of libzmq git repository.
> Compile line: gcc -I/libzmq/include -L/libzmq/src/.libs pair.c -o pair -lzmq &&
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/libzmq/src/.libs ./pair
> Please investigate and/or advise.

This is a good way to get other people on the list to double-check your work and make sure this issue really exists. If it's a bug, please follow these guidelines:


The source code to reproduce the issue should be committed to the "issues" repository under the correct issue number.


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