[zeromq-dev] Sparc Linux Build now documented on wiki

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Thu Nov 24 10:52:14 CET 2011

Hi Johannes,

> Just added my sparc-linux / ReadyNAS build guide to the wiki on the
> FAQ Page. Maybe someone can review it and/or find a better place for
> it on the wiki.

Yes. Your post and the previous one (building on MinGW) exceed the size 

It would be nice to move to something like this:


However, I find the category a bit of a misnomer then. It should be 
rather named "build" or something.


> @Martin: I will try to get git working on the NAS too to patch
> ctx.hpp for a protected/public destructor on gcc 3.3.5 (I'll
> investigate what version of gcc dropped the warnings) or are there
> objections against conditionally compiled code? I guess the
> destructor is private on purpose :-)

Yes. It's private as ctx_t is meant to destroy itself. No other class 
should be able to do that.

Conditional compilation would be nice. To do that we would have to find 
out which version of gcc removes the warning and make the destrucor 
public for all the older versions of gcc.

> I did not find a way to monitor my system resources sufficiently at
> the moment to find out why the test is failing on 54+ threads. I
> guess that a socket limit could be it or even a memory shortage. None
> of the zmq functions seem to fail. If i comment our all zmq code it
> runs without any problems.
> Any ideas? gdb is of no good help since it doesn't support locking
> the system scheduler...

AFAIU you are getting "no such device" error. Can you at least find out 
which zmq_* function is returning the error?


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