[zeromq-dev] [PATCH] MSVC10 project files

Andreas Kelle-Emden kelle-emden at vr.rwth-aachen.de
Mon Nov 21 15:49:03 CET 2011


> As far as I understand it's possible to generate
> Visual Studio project files using CMake. If this works well nothing
> would prevent us from distributing the project files separately. Does
> this sound acceptable?

there is one little pitfall here: CMake generated MSVC projects have a
dependency to CMake. Each build step first "builds" a special target
which checks if the CMake files have changed and reconfigure the
project, if so.
I haven't experience, yet, how much work it is to get rid of this
dependency after the project files are generated.

Anyway, I would like to have CMake files for ZeroMQ as it would enable
us to directly access it in our build system.


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