[zeromq-dev] Lazy Pirate

Daniel Truemper truemped at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 20 12:40:59 CET 2011

>> I have a question regarding the Lazy Pirate Pattern. Basically I am trying to figure out how I can use something similar in a completely asynchronous way, i.e. having a client and worker using Tornado from pyzmq.
> You might check out the Freelance pattern, which is asynchronous and
> doesn't use a broker.
Right you are! Almost forgot about that one, even though I liked it a lot better, when I initially read the chapter!

>> The asynchronous worker seems pretty straight forward, although I've experienced problems when one worker crashes. For some reason all other workers stopped working as well. This should really be a problem on my side, but I am grateful for any ideas :)
> Generally, debug by printing messages as they enter and exit each node.
Did exactly that, and nothing look too obvious. Maybe it was something completely unrelated...

Thanks for the input!


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