[zeromq-dev] ZeroMQ module for Akka

Karim Osman karim at iki.fi
Fri Nov 18 09:11:01 CET 2011

Hello ZeroMQ community,

As of version 1.3-RC1, the Akka [1] platform supports messaging over ZeroMQ
[2]. Those who haven't heard about Akka, it is an unified runtime and
programming model for concurrency, remoting, and fault-tolerance, written in
the Scala programming language. It accesses the native ZeroMQ library through
JNA using the ZeroMQ Scala binding. The binding implements an API similar to
that of JZMQ. Note that Java users can also use the ZeroMQ Scala binding.

The ZeroMQ integration to Akka allows users to use their own wire protocol
formats, and therefore, it can be used in existing ZeroMQ environments. In
addition to user-defined wire protocol formats, the ZeroMQ module supports
Protobuf message serialization / deserialization.

Currently, the API lacks of support for accessing and manipulation of socket
options and ZeroMQ version 3.x. Also, there are no statistics for JNA's (Scala
binding) impact on the performance when comparing to JNI (JZMQ).


1. http://www.akka.io
2. http://akka.io/docs/akka/1.3-RC1/scala/zeromq.html

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