[zeromq-dev] [PATCH] libzmq - includedir and broken VPATH builds

Philip Kovacs kovacsp3 at comcast.net
Wed Nov 16 00:02:33 CET 2011

* Martin Sustrik <sustrik at 250bpm.com> [2011-11-15 09:04:44 +0100]:

> Ok, right. It's messy. However, note that the only header from the list 
> that belongs to core 0MQ project is zmq.h.
> The rest are from czmq project so I guess the fix should be done there. 
> What you would get is a single header file in /usr/local/include (zmq.h) 
> and a directory czmq that would contain the remaining czmq-related headers.
> Placing a single zmq.h file into a subdirectory seems to be an over-kill 
> IMO.
> Thoughts?
> Martin

Actually, the core library installs more than one header and it was this
very confusion that I sought to resolve.  In any event, I can adjust the 
installation directories locally, as has been mentioned.  The only quirk 
is that I must also patch libzmq.pc to reflect my local changes as I use 
pkg-config when upstream provides those files.

I broke out the VPATH fix for libzmq to a fresh patch and submitted it

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