[zeromq-dev] protocol design question

Alexander Altshuler alt at kaluga.ru
Tue Nov 15 21:30:51 CET 2011

Why not if you proper handle endianness?


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I am working on a protocol for submission to the rfc.zeromq.com site.
For one of the fields (message frames) I need to define a unique
sequence number. I decided upon a combination of a 64-bit integer and a
16-byte UUID.

The UUID would uniquely identify each client. The sequence number would
uniquely identify each message from that client. When used together,
each message from N clients can be uniquely identified.

So, I thought I should define the frame as follows:

frame 2
  24 bytes total
  8 bytes - 64-bit integer (network byte order)
  16 bytes - UUID

Is it portable to pack them both into the same frame like this? I assume
a C user could define a struct to map that frame directly.


struct sequence_id {
  uint64 number;
  uchar  uuid[16];

Is this all right? Or is there a better way to accomplish this framing?


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