[zeromq-dev] Handling of fd-limit in Java

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Sat Nov 12 08:40:43 CET 2011

Hi Johan,

> Now, going out of FDs is expected, but the problem is, whenever I hit
> the FD limit, I hit an assert:
> [junit] Too many open files [junit] rc == 0 (signaler.cpp:330)
> And an assert like this yields a total termination of the JVM it
> seems. Not so nice in an app server context for example.

What else would you like it to do? Note that the code that fails to open
a socket is async, ie. runs in a background while you application is
doing some other work.

> Any thoughts on alternative ways to handle this kind of situations
> such as returning null, letting the caller decide wether to assert or
> otherwise handle it gracefully?

Same as above. The problem happens in async manner. No call to libzmq
may be happening at the time, so there nothing to return null from.

> Also, I've seen some weird crashes related in the same tests, my app
> opens a REQ socket, connects to the ROUTER, waits for reply, and then
> closes it. If i put a heavy load on these sockets, I eventually crash
> with the following error:
> Device or resource busy (mutex.hpp:91)

Please, do make sure that you are not using the same socket from two 
threads in parallel. If you are not, the above is definitely a 0MQ bug.

> From the code it looks like it's pthread_mutex_destroy which fails.
> I'll probably go for keeping the socket in a ThreadLocal for now,
> avoiding the re-creation of the socket, but just wanted to report it
> anyway.

Yes, please. Create a minimal reproducible test case and report the 
problem via bug-tracker. That way it'll be solved rather than forgotten.

> Please reply directly to me, I only get the digests, will be hard to
> do followup answers with only that.

You're on cc.


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