[zeromq-dev] clr-zmq FREEZING!!!

lanre lawal lawillas4ever at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 5 12:17:42 CET 2011

Hi Guys,
    I have worked with the ZMQ library for over 4weeks now using it to receive data from a remote address. I first worked with the PHP binding and everything seemed to go fine. Now when I wanted to switch to ASP.NET, I got the clr-zmq and was using it. However the problem with the clr-zmq is that if the NOBLOCK option is not set, the system seems to freeze because its making asynchronous requests to the server and getting data every now and then. I however posted this problem and I found out that there was a way to set the NOBLOCK option so that it doesn't stick around if it doesn't get data. This method however solved the freezing problem but now I can't get data to come in. I'm guessing its because there was no data at the time of the requests. So I was wondering is there a way not to set the NOBLOCK option and then set a timeout (milliseconds) for the request so that it sticks around for data just for a specified period of time. That way I don't
 need to set the NOBLOCK option and I can be guaranteed that the server would be freed up after a particular amount of seconds. 
    If there are any better solution to this, i'll like to be informed as well. Thanks guys.
Olanrewaju Lawal
Web Developer / Programmer
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