[zeromq-dev] NYSE OpenMAMA

Ciprian Dorin Craciun ciprian.craciun at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 22:49:43 CET 2011

    Before reading my comments, please take into account that I'm not
against OpenMAMA (nor for it)... Both OpenMAMA and ZeroMQ are open
source projects, thus if someone has "an itch" to integrate them and
(either him or someone else) scratches it, the better for both
communities. (Also I'm not criticizing anyone, just presenting facts
from the available information.)

    But, after reading (and interpreting) the following comments,

2011/11/3 Daniel Cegiełka <daniel.cegielka at gmail.com>:
> In the near future will be published documentation for preparing
> bridges for MAMA. We just have to wait. [...]

    (i.e. we just have to wait (as in having zero intermediary
feedback) for a finished product (the documentation) from the

> 2011/11/3 Jon Dyte <jon at totient.co.uk>:
>> [...]
>> though I suspect
>> many users would stick with the NYSE DataFabric , tibco rv and 29 West
>> bridges.
>> (Those bridges are not in the open source distro)

    (i.e. exactly the part of the whole thing which makes it worth is
"closed"... but even if they were I don't think running the backends
would be easy / cheap...)

    Contrasts (and this is an understatement) with their
"Understanding the OpenMAMA Development Process" charta:
OpenMAMA development is modeled extensively upon the proven Linux
kernel development process, where developers modify project code by
submitting patches as emails to a public mailing list. [...]

    (BTW there is only one patch on the `-dev` mailing list in October.)

    Also by looking at the current repository --
http://git.openmama.org/OpenMAMA-1.1.git -- I'm just curious to see
how the next commit will look like... (The previous noteworthy one
`d0c45dd6d0e7c069cd9098f81f6775596efd5cc5` is about 3MiB in size.)
(Although this is excusable for the first code release.)

    But then again it is a young project, and maybe things are
different than what I'm describing here. (See Jon's final remark.)

>> However it does ship with a bridge to other open source middleware
>> called Avis.
>> http://avis.sourceforge.net/client_library.html
>> If we could get the ZeroMQ bridge into the distribution , I don't think
>> it could do any harm.
>> I havent looked in detail at what is required, but as Mike replied to
>> me, in the absence of any
>> documentation, studying the Avis bridge is going to be the best option.
>> Jon

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