[zeromq-dev] matching REQ-REP on one side with PUB & PULL on the other side

alotsof at gmx.net alotsof at gmx.net
Tue May 31 19:58:09 CEST 2011

> Pub-sub will send the request to ALL workers. They will all therefore
> reply to the same single request, which is not what you want.

yes, that is what I want, sorry, I didn't present the case properly.

Think of the client as a management console, and each worker as a 
controller of a user session. As such, the workers are distinct, and I need
to know about all of them.

At some point, I want to know something about the system, so I look into
the management console, hence the scenario

    C:REQ -> REP:S
        S:PUB -> SUB:W...
        S:PULL <- PUSH:W...
    C:REQ <- REP:S

> It's probably not a good idea for clients to ask about the internal
> state of a server, that's bad design. However if you really want to
> return some state produced by N workers you have to synchronize this
> in the server to get a single reply message.

do you mean like in Guide, Chapter 2, Node Coordination, syncpub/syncsub?

My case is the other way around: I send the PUB so that they can inform me.

> Continue reading the Guide until it becomes clear, that's my advice.

Had a first look at Chapter 4. Powerful! Though not quite what I need yet.

P.S.: thanks for the amount of effort you pour into helping us newbies.

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