[zeromq-dev] cl-zmq - Common Lisp bindings

Lucas Hope lucas.r.hope at gmail.com
Tue May 31 11:31:19 CEST 2011

Hi there,

First, thanks for making such a great, easy to use product. The guide is a
great education in distributed programming. I have learned so much just by
reading it.

I am using the Common Lisp bindings as I am a Common Lisp programmer. :-)

I have found a few issues and am happy to contribute, but I want to make
sure I'm following the right protocols. I am an experienced lisp programmer,
but not so experienced at contributing to open source projects. I want to
help with my expertise because this zeromq library is awesome. :-)

Here are a couple of issues I have found:

1. Some of the constants are missing. E.g. router, dealer, and particularly

2. The implementation of setsockopt assumes all ints are int64. In some
cases such as ZMQ_LINGER, this is not the case. :-)

Here is my replacement setsockopt:
(defun setsockopt (socket option value &optional (int-type :int64))
  (etypecase value
    (string (with-foreign-string (string value)
              (%setsockopt socket option string (length value))))
    (integer (with-foreign-object (int int-type)
               (setf (mem-aref int int-type) value)
               (%setsockopt socket option int (foreign-type-size

So it defaults to :int64 (current behaviour), but you can pass :int and
things like ZMQ_LINGER now work.

Also, I have implemented versions of ppqueue, ppworker and lpqueue for
common lisp (mainly line-for-line ports of the C++). I am happy to donate
them to the zguide - but again, not sure of the protocol.

Peace, and again thanks for a great product.

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