[zeromq-dev] jzmq: embedding native library in JAR

Karl Ostendorf karl at ostendorf.com
Mon May 30 22:12:27 CEST 2011

> If I understood correctly, the new plan would be:
> 1. By default, not including any native libraries in the JAR.


> 2. Allow for having multiple native libraries in the JAR, maybe structured by platform, compiler, version: win32/vcc/2.1/0mq.dll, win32/mingw/3.0/0mq.dll, linux/gcc/3.0/0mq.so, etc.

No, only by architecture / operating system. Not by compiler. At
runtime, only architecture and os are available to determine where to
look for the library within the JAR.

> 3. Allow for including one or more native libraries in the JAR, if the user specifies it at build time.

Yes, by default the JAR will be created without any native libraries.
Then we can provide instructions on how to manually add the JNI binary
to the JAR as an extra step.

> If this is the plan, I would agree this is a better idea. I have the feeling the majority of Java libraries do not include a native library in their JARs, even if one is needed, so this should be the default option at build time, but that should not preclude those who want to do it from doing it.

I will modify my pull request accordingly.

Best regards.

Karl Ostendorf

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