[zeromq-dev] PUB doesn't discard msg when no SUB

Li, Jia jia.li at credit-suisse.com
Thu May 26 21:49:37 CEST 2011

Thanks! Tried this one, but the one message that remained is the very
first (ancient) message, and each PUB would have such a message. This
would only work if the SUB knows the number of PUBs and thus discards
the first N messages it receives. 

OR: with HWM in effect, do FIFO to kick out the oldest message in the
waiting buffer. 


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On 05/26/2011 09:27 PM, Li, Jia wrote:

> Putting timestamp can be a work-around, but not efficient, as the SUB 
> has to compare current time against message time for every message.
> It'd be nice to have this behavior either explained in the Guide or 
> brought consistent with the intended usage.

Try setting HWM to 1 on the PUB side. That should drop any outstanding
messages except for one.


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