[zeromq-dev] Fwd: ZMQ Closure - Change of Beginners Documentation

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Wed May 25 17:35:58 CEST 2011

Hi Mike,

> For information, I am not convinced that ETERM will always be the exit
> value returned. In reality It does not matter and I prefer not to test
> for this value. My loop is of the form
> while (!stopped)
> {
>      rc=zmq_recv();
>      if (rc!=0)
>      {
>         if (stopped)
>            break;
>      }
> }
> zmq_close();
> In the main loop -
> reader.stop();  // sets stopped=true
> zmq_term();
> reader.wait(100) // wait for the reader thread to finish etc.

You need to place "stopped" into critical section to make that work 
properly. That in turn will ruin your performance.

> So it is not so important what zmq_recv returns because I know that I am
> exiting.
> When I looked at messageBox.recv for nbytes=0 I found that it is called
> from several call points and not all of them cater for ETERM. I am not
> convinced that ETERM is properly implemented but I did not spend the
> time to analyse each call point to see if it could occur during a
> shutdown scenario.

ETERM is generated by sending "stop" command to individual sockets. 
Check zmq::ctx_t::terminate() function. You'll find the following code 

     for (sockets_t::size_type i = 0; i != sockets.size (); i++)
         sockets [i]->stop ();


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