[zeromq-dev] Is a possible to purge the transmit buffer?

Helge Früh helge.frueh at googlemail.com
Sun May 22 20:35:35 CEST 2011

Hi Pieter,

>  The output queues exist independently per subscriber. So there is no
>  "emergency mode" for the publisher.

thanks for your answer, Pieter. Actually that does confuse me even more :|

Maybe I can rephrase my question. If you have three subscribers A, B and C, where A is online and B and C are offline.
You further have a HWD of 100 on the publisher. Than you publish (send) 100 messages.
In my understanding the following happens:
- A: receives every message because he's online
- B: messages 1-50 get buffered (and delivered when B comes online), messages 51-100 are dropped
- C: messages 1-50 get buffered (and delivered when C comes online),  messages 51-100 are dropped
Is this correct so far?

If so, let's assume further that B and C will never come online again (they are dead). So for the rest of
the publishers life all buffers are occupied and any other not immediately deliverable message will be dropped.

What I want to achieve is the following: I want to remove all messages addressed to B and C (dead subscribers)
in order to free up the buffer again.

Is that achievable? Is there any standard way to protect from choked buffers for receivers which you know
will never come online again?


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