[zeromq-dev] Proposal of flag in msg_t structure.

Fabien Ninoles fabien at tzone.org
Sat May 21 03:35:31 CEST 2011

> Feature 2 - Embedded flags inside the msg_t structure.
> By allowing frame flags to be set inside the msg_t structure, it would
> be far easier to keep forward compatibility with new flags for proxy
> device that need to copy msg frames in a transparent manner.  Just as an
> example, a queue socket would simply be a while True:
> out.send(in.recv()) loop, which will now take care of the multipart
> flags without problem.

How I could address this feature ?  For me, since the master branch have 
the msg_t structure opaque now,  I see it with a new API like 
zmq_msg_set_flags,  zmq_msg_reset_flags, zmq_msg_get_flags, etc. and 
removing the getsockopt ZMQ_RCVMORE.  This will break backward 
compatibility but that's already the case with the zmq_send and zmq_recv 
message.  I would keep the ZMQ_SNDMORE flag since it's feel natural 
(especially with the new zmq_send API) but will not try to clear it if 
present in the msg argument of a zmq_sendmsg, even with flag set to 0.

What do you think about this ?


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