[zeromq-dev] architecture performance issues

Michael Holm Michael.Holm at tibra.com
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Try using PGM or EPGM instead of TCP/IP.

Also think about adding a topic to each message and allow 0MQ to filter for you.

When you start to have scaling problems is when multicast becomes helpful. It also depends what you are trying to do and how many vlans you are crossing.

I ran some tests and found that EPGM performs better than TCP/IP once you reach ten clients located on a different machine.


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i think i need to rework some of my architecture because its not scaling
like i need it to.

what is have is 80 processes spread evenly across 8 servers producing output
for a configurable number (say 30) of receiver processes. each message produced
has a marker on it, and all messages with the same tag must go to the
same receiver process (this is to do deduping).

i wanted to avoid each receiver opening up 80 sockets and vice versa,
so i set up (essentially) a forwarder device, one per server,
so that the 80 processes now just open 8 sockets each,
an dthe receiver processes are now anonymous and just connect to
the forwarder on their node.

this doesn't scale becaus ethe forwarder gets too loaded.
right now, i use pub/sub, but would rather use push/pull.

any sggestions on how else i might do it?

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