[zeromq-dev] Issue when using pub / sub after any other pair

Pavel Chlupáček chlupacek at gmail.com
Thu May 19 12:18:29 CEST 2011


   I am fairly new to 0MQ, and did couple of test cases to understand how this tool work. My environment is Java (precisely Scala) on OSX. 

  I found behavior which I cannot explain to myself and I am not sure if this may be eventually source of glitch

  I made some simple cases which in single thread send and receive message in PUB/SUB REQ/REP XREQ/XREP and PULL/PUSH patterns.  There are no fixtures shared between tests. I create the zmq context on every test and close it after test finishes. I use "ipc://foo" address. 

All tests went through alone w/o problem. Then I add them to one Spec, and all of them run smoothly except PUB/SUB which seemed to fail to deliver message to SUB.  After some experimenting I found that when I move PUB/SUB to be the first test, it works ok. But when there is some test before it, it will fail. 

I have double checked code several times. Still don't see it to be wrongly-coded. I am missing something with PUB/SUB so the behavior is in fact correct? 

Thank you for any guidance


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