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Mike Pearce mike at kaew.be
Tue May 17 11:57:47 CEST 2011


I was looking for a document that describes the internal message passing
between reaper, thread and context.

I am trying to understand why the reaper is not sending stop messages during
my termination sequence. I see the term-ack coming back from the
io_thread_t. So I am reading the source to make my own documentation so that
I can understand the issue well enough to report a bug and perhaps propose a
fix. Some documentation on the internal message passing, thread model etc
will be most helpful but I did not find any. I found some specifications but
not one covering the current code design. Perhaps its there but I did not
see it. Perhaps its in the white papers but this is strange. Perhaps its
part of the documentation wiki but I again did not spot it.

Can a kind sole please point me to the correct document. I am afraid that I
am one of those folk that cannot see something in front of his nose and I
fear this is one of those occasions and if so I apologize in advance for
asking when I should have been able to find it on my own. Its also cool if I
avoid an old or misleading document. The version I am most interested in is
the one covering version 2.1.7


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