[zeromq-dev] [PATCH] Fixes warning when compiled with MSVC on Win64

Christian Martinez chmar at microsoft.com
Mon May 16 20:52:15 CEST 2011

Boy this is fun on Windows.

After patch failing all the time do to whitespace fun now checking remaining issues.

$ git apply --verbose --check --ignore-whitespace --ignore-space-change
Checking patch src/array.hpp...
Checking patch src/dist.cpp...
Checking patch src/encoder.hpp...
Checking patch src/err.cpp...
Checking patch src/fq.cpp...
error: while searching for:
    errno_assert (rc == 0);

    //  Round-robin over the pipes to get the next message.
    for (int count = active; count != 0; count--) {

        //  Try to fetch new message. If we've already read part of the
        //  subsequent part should be immediately available.

error: patch failed: src/fq.cpp:100
error: src/fq.cpp: patch does not apply
Checking patch src/ip.cpp...
Checking patch src/lb.cpp...
Checking patch src/own.cpp...
Checking patch src/select.cpp...
Checking patch src/tcp_socket.cpp...
Checking patch src/tcp_socket.hpp...
Checking patch src/xrep.cpp...
error: while searching for:
    return 0;

bool zmq::xrep_t::xhas_in ()
    //  There are subsequent parts of the partly-read message available.

error: patch failed: src/xrep.cpp:299
error: src/xrep.cpp: patch does not apply
Checking patch src/zmq.cpp...


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Hi Chriastian,

Can you check whether this patch to master solves the warnings?


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