[zeromq-dev] Just ran some tests with x64

Oliver Smith oliver at kfs.org
Fri May 13 10:31:25 CEST 2011

On 5/13/2011 2:31 AM, Mikko Koppanen wrote:
>> Only problems I've seen with ZMQ under Windows, not x64 specific, are that
>> it can be a bit tricky to coerce into building as a static library rather
>> than a DLL
> Hi Oliver,
> we made a decision not to support static libraries under windows as we
> thought people don't have need for them. If this is a requirement I
> can look into fixing this.
For most cases, where ZMQ is being used for IPC and ITC, a DLL makes a 
lot more sense; but for components that are deployed in hostile 
environments, a DLL provides an additional attack vector ... and I'm not 
talking about trojans, I'm talking about the end-user running their own 
bit of code that uses OpenProcess -> VirtualAllocEx -> 
WriteProcessMemory to copy over a function that calls 
LoadLibrary("c:\myzmq.dll") -> CreateRemoteThread .... :(

(I'm not giving anything away here ... google 'OpenProcess LoadLibrary' 
and break out the popcorn :(

We've *had* it working as a static library, but when we upgraded to 
VS2010 and Zmq 2.1.7 it broke, and I (being only a hobby Windows coder) 
haven't yet remembered that whatever I did to fix it before is in our 
SCCS repository. When I do, it'll occur to me it wouldn't be rocket 
science to fix it again, and maybe this time I can submit it as a patch ;-)

- Oliver

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