[zeromq-dev] Durable socket identies

Henry Baragar Henry.Baragar at instantiated.ca
Thu May 12 18:26:43 CEST 2011


Should the identity of a durable socket be unique for an application, or for a 
socket within an application?

I thought that I saw in a recent list email (from Pieter I think) that 
suggested that the UUID's for a durable socket are for the application as a 
whole, where as Chapter Two - Intermediate Stuff has the line:
Do not use the same identity for more than one socket. Any socket trying to 
connect using an identity already taken by another socket will just be 
This seems like a definitive statement that the identies need to be unique, 
but clouds the issue by suggesting that the uniqueness is limited to the 
connecting sockets, which suggests that "application" might be more 
appropriate that "socket" in this statement.

Consider the case of an intelligent dispatcher (i.e. mongrel2) that 
distributes work to specialized back ends (i.e. web applications) and 
communicates with each back end using zmq on a different port using durable 
sockets.  Should the intelligent dispatcher have one (unique) identity that it 
uses on all the ports?  Or does it need to have a different identity for each 


Henry Baragar
Instantiated Software
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