[zeromq-dev] Considering zeromq for project at Microsoft but have some questions on throughput behavior

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Thu May 12 09:36:37 CEST 2011

Hi Christian,

> C:\software\zeromq-clrzmq2-f420936\local_thr\bin\Release>local_thr.exe
> tcp://*:5555 120 30000
> Your average throughput is 304081 [msg/s]
> Your average throughput is 291 [Mb/s]
> C:\software\zeromq-clrzmq2-f420936\local_thr\bin\Release>local_thr.exe
> tcp://*:5555 120 50000
> Your average throughput is 9654 [msg/s]
> Your average throughput is 9 [Mb/s]
> Are there switches or args I should pass to make this more consistent?

Can you please check the raw C perf tests (in perf subdirectory of the 
core library) to check whether the bad performance is caused by 0mq as 
such or by the C# binding?

Guys, this is the second report of 0mq being slow on Windows in two 
days. Haven't we messed something up? Does anybody of the core devs have 
two windows boxes to check how the current version performs?


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